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It has certainly been a challenging past 12 months. Wishing all a much better 2021.

V2PW Apartment Update:  Town of Lady Lake will conduct a Commission (Special) Meeting for the 1st Reading of the Villages proposed zoning changes to bring apartments to Spanish Springs Town Center. The Villages will present Ordinance 2020-08 & Ordinance 2020-09 on Wed, Feb 17th, 6 pm, at the Town of Lady Lake Town Hall.  The readings were tabled from Nov and Jan meetings.

V2PW never received a volunteer as requested to focus on the Lady Lake Apartment insertion into The Villages, Town of Lady Lake. We have followed, but not focused, as a parallel effort to the Hacienda Hills Country Club and areas north of 466 in Sumter County.

This is the time for all concerned with Apartments entering The Villages, at Spanish Springs, to get up-to-speed and attend the meeting.

I highly recommend that you prepare by reading both proposals prior to attending the meeting, and when commenting, it is best to stay focused on tangible impacts and not emotional response.  We learned a lot from the Sumter County efforts and found that this is quite key.

The Villages will present the Ordinances, then there is time for comment. There should be a 2nd Reading in a month or so, and they can then act on it. I am not completely sure, but I don’t believe they can approve right after the 1st Reading.


I was contacted by Jennifer Parr this week as she promised to review conceptual renderings for the Hacienda Hills CC apartments.  She had two totally different designs for Hacienda Hills CC. One design was for Apartments as they previously stated, and the other was for a small Villa neighborhood.  Both designs offered the pool, courts, and some trails.  NEITHER OFFERED A RESTAURANT. This was the primary focus of our discussion as this was a major consideration by the neighbors impacted, and those supporting the V2PW efforts.  We will address this later, as now the focus is Spanish Springs.


V2PW is still ENERGETICALLY engaged to maintain our promised LIFESTYLE and continues to push-back against apartment redevelopment in the northern Villages that affect our LIFESTYLE. 

Our LIFESTYLE concerns include all of The Villages (TV); however, our efforts focus on the TV Tri-County areas. Between 466 and 27/441. Since our inception after the Aug 12th AAC (debacle) meeting we have asked for volunteers below 466, for the Town of Lady Lake and Orange Blossom without success. We will continue to attend the Town of Lady Lake meetings; however, we haven’t engaged the Attorney in that area.

By now you know that Sumter County (SC) unanimously approved The Villages (TV) application to change the land use at the Hacienda Hills Country Club site to allow for apartments. We continue to believe that SC staff and Commissioners’ actions are not consistent with local and state code, nor have they adequately addressed Morse Blvd traffic safety or property value impacts, so we are evaluating our options.  However, TV 3rd Gen Developer (Dev) offered several concessions and did provide a presentation that explained more than had been previously provided.  

The Dev also made a significant concession, and potentially meaningful commitment, to work with affected neighbors during the site plan design phase to address resident concerns.  Contact from Jennifer Parr provides cautious optimism that this could begin a positive collaboration between Developer and immediately affected residents. She and Marty Dezuro are awaiting our Collaboration package. 

So, now what?

We are dividing our effort into two phases for understanding and organization.

Phase I: Land Use Amendment Phase

Sumter County:  Evaluating our options. We have 30 days to appeal. Even with the concessions, there are still residual concerns for code adherence.  Even more disturbing is that TV Dev would not update the language in the Lake Sumter Landing application (DRI-1) to tighten potential future apartment development/redevelopment below 466, an area that does not have the AAC amenity protections.  We contend that this refusal to narrow the scope indicates an unstated desire to expand beyond what is being stated. 

Town of Lady Lake: The next meeting (the 1st Reading) is currently rescheduled to Weds,  Jan 21st  due to the Mayor’s illness. The proposed amendments remain too broad in scope and set the stage for additional development in the future beyond what is currently stated.  Our efforts must continue to either prevent apartments (unlikely) or at least to narrow the scope of the application as was done by TV Dev for the Hacienda Hills Country Club site. Our dealings to date with the Town of Lady Lake leads us to believe that they appear more concerned with protecting their small-town charm and ensuring safety to their residents.  

Phase II: Hacienda Hills Country Club (HHCC) Site Plan Collaboration

Depending on who, when, and how the TV 3rd Gen Developer reaches out to collaborate with their residents who will be visually (line of sight)  and audibly (noise from apartments) impacted by the plans, will say a lot about the sincerity of their verbal commitments during the SC meeting.  Additionally, their vision for mitigating economic impact and traffic will speak loudly to all residents.   Done right, this effort will be an opportunity to re-establish a broken connection between neighbors and TV leadership, and perhaps lay a foundation to rebuild trust which is paramount to the complete Villages Lifestyle.  We plan to communicate with you regarding the many concerns for the redevelopment of the HHCC site and seek common ground with TV. 

We are working to finalize our finances and will report out as soon as we know the status. 

We want to expeditiously collect our concerns and recommendations, consolidate to a Collaboration Package and present to TV Dev. You should receive this email Sunday with a short suspense date of Nov 5th. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Patsy Oburn & V2PW Team

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Attorney Yurko’s letter to the commissioners

 Independent Planner Report

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Click on underlined links to see agenda & proposed amendments


See Meeting links for Proposed Amendments

  1. WEDS, FEB 17, 6:00 pm – Special Commission Meeting (1st Reading).

Previous Meetings:

  1. Mon, Sept 14th, 5:30 pm – Planning & Zoning Meeting.   Recommendation was to DENY land use zoning changes.

  2. Mon, Oct 5th, 6:00 pm – Commission Meeting (1st reading).   The Mayor was admitted to the hospital and so unable to attend this meeting. Therefore the discussion and decisions on both ordinances were tabled at the Developer's request until Mon, Nov 2nd.

All meetings held @ Town Hall Commission Chambers, 409 Fennell Blvd., Lady Lake


See Meeting links for Proposed Amendments

  1. Tues, Oct 27th, 5:00 pm – County Commission (2nd reading).
    The board vote unanimously to approve all 3 amendments though the Hacienda Hill site was restricted to 150 apartments and the public may be invited to participate in site plan discussions

  2. Tues, Oct 13th, 5:00 pm – County Commission (1st reading). This was just a information gathering meeting - no decisions are made. 4 hours of public input given. Commissioner Gilpin reneged on making a motion to delay this until the new commissioners are sworn in.

  3. Mon, Sept 21st, 6:00 pm – Planning & Zoning Special Master   Recommendation was to APPROVE land use zoning changes.

All meetings were held @ Everglades Recreation Center, 5497 Marsh Bend Trail


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