Weekly Meet & Greet – Friday Aug 21st

I thought we had a good turnout with the short notice. Some good discussions. And big THANX to Barb DiLaura who accepted the Historian Chunk… She will be collecting testimonials on the past Villages and what was marketed to them, hopefully with copies of brochures, videos, etc., of what residents enjoyed, what they lost, when and why. The promises/amenities history is critical to illustrating how easily it is for something to disappear from our chosen and purchased lifestyles. And as the residents change the next generation didnt even know what was lost, who fought for it, and the final outcome. The flip side of the coin is the folks who bought worth promised amenities that havent materialized and may not. We want to get this information front and center, to share with the press. But we want to have a full picture before we go to press. Successfully completed.

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