Prior to Fri, Aug 28 Gathering

We were busy and successful this week with information exploration and Team Recruiting. We had a major stakeholder gathering, POA, AAC member, future County, and our developing team. We learned a lot and had a lot to consider if we would continue or not. The team had a second meeting to discuss the information and decided that at this moment, based on what we know, we will continue to move forward. We will address some of this tomorrow Friday’s gathering at the postal station. 1. We’ve decided to no longer refer to the developer, but rather the 3rd Generation and or by their names Jennifer Louise Morse Boone, Tracy Lee Morse Mathews, and Mark Gary Morse. 2. We have been and continue to communicate with an Atty for possible actions, relative to HHCC, but nothing actionable yet. This action has been going on before this group was formed. We have not made this a focus as to date we haven’t received positive potential for action from the Atty. However, we keep learning more and more and this helps broaden potential actions. We can not discuss this, however. But wanted you to know it on-going. 3. IMPORTANT: We still need energetic teammates to help. a. We need a group of researchers who can research a topic and then report it to the team and then create documentation. b. We need a group of journalism researchers who can establish a rapport with a designated journalist throughout this project. 4. We do and will need funds for some of our efforts, web site, signs, etc. We are not sure how to do this. The two methods that come to mind are donations and/or GofundMe. If you have experience with this, please share. We could use someone to be a simple bookkeeper with this money. For now, a few of us on the team are putting up some $. 5. After a discussion with Chris and our team, we decided that the two Nextdoor Groups need to have clear separation due to confusion and distraction from our different strategies. You are certainly welcome to participate in both. Thank you everyone who made this week successful progress. Patsy

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