Lady Lake Planning & Zoning Meeting Summary



Tonight was only Recommendations. Still risk the Lake County Commissioners could vote differently.

Great 1st meeting of Lake County Planning and Zoning.  Apartments were not supported in any of the ordinances. It was a full house inside and outside. Now folks need to write to the Lake County Commissioners to uphold the recommendation.

The next 2 meetings are also very important.

Tonight’s meeting was the recommendations from planning and zoning. It has to go to Lake County Commissioners who have to vote. The Dev will have a 2nd chance to make their case and they will know what to dispute.

Gotta keep the pressure on. Write emails to the Lake County Commissioners and be sure to attend the next meetings.

And please attend the Sumter County meeting Monday night and support.

We must prepare for Monday Sep 21 st Sumter County planning and zoning. Stay tuned.

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