Update on the Sumter County Planning & Zoning Special Master Meeting

The meeting last night was a GREAT meeting on several levels.

First, the public participation, awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the issues was incredible.

Second, and best of all, this is now part of the RECORD of quasi-judicial process.

Third the outcome, while disappointing, frustrating, and totally Developer biased, again, is on the RECORD and sends a loud, powerful, clear and consistent message; that we are engaged and watching you and are not afraid to challenge you.

The outcome was what we truly expected, especially from Sumter County.

We are certainly not done and must continue to press forward as though we haven’t experienced any negative stumbles. Often multiple steps in legal processes serve the intended purpose to deflate and wear you down, physically and emotionally. So, we CAN’T allow this to happen.

So, when someone asked you how the meeting went, you say “GREAT, they now know we are watching“. And if they ask “didn’t they vote to approve?”, you can truthfully respond, “yes, as expected. It ain’t over yet”.

V2PW will begin refreshed today with preparation for the next meetings with the same energy and positive attitude as every other day of this quest.

We THANK YOU very much. You made the difference last night! And we need this same commitment at the upcoming meetings. The next two meetings for both counties are the actual Commissioner meetings.

Remember; we cannot afford to focus on a perceived loss or project failure to the next event. Do not feed a negative self-fulling prophecy. Opposition depends on this!

We must remain resilient while expanding our resources with tempered resolve. We are engaged in more than a battle or war, we are engaged in a CAMPAIGN.

A campaign that notifies the 3rd Gen Dev that we are “watching, listening, learning and engaged”. A campaign that increases residents’/owners’ awareness and knowledge of the place we call home and are heavily invested both emotionally and financially. A campaign that should produce the next residents’/owners’ candidates for the many elected positions required to retain, maintain, and sustain our beloved Villages Lifestyle.

Out of this fire we should gain knowledgeable tempered willing candidates who understand the need for owner participation and accept the challenge.

See you Friday!
Thanx, Patsy

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