AAC District 3 Endorsement

V2PW and AAC Elections for District 3 

On Friday, October 29, 2020, the V2PW initiated conference calls with two of the three candidates for the District 3 seat on the AAC.  We asked canned questions of both candidates, and after the calls we discussed their answers while considering our recent experiences, and decided to support Donna Kempa.

Why is this vote important? 

District 3 is located West of Buena Vista Blvd, North of 466 and south of Marion County. Elections are this Tuesday November 3rd – with a separate ballot from State/Local/National elections. Voting is at Savannah Center. Only District 3 property owners can vote, and only one vote per property. 

In 2015 the AAC gave the Developer 300 amenity contracts. The Developer used 14, and asked at the August 12 AAC meeting that the remaining 286 be utilized for Apartments, not LTC or Asst. Living, as originally requested. The AAC approved this, and gave the Amenity fees back to The Developer, with only a small portion of the funds going to the AAC for Public Safety and Community Watch. There are 6 committee members, 1 is developer appointed, 1 incumbent is leaving, and 3 of the remaining 4 positions are Pro-Developer. There is concern they might give additional Amenity Contracts if asked. We would like to create a constituent/owner centric committee to prevent this.

To accomplish this, we first learned more about each of the current three candidates who are on the ballot for Nov 3rd to fill the vacated position.  We are now sharing our thoughts with the community, and recommend a candidate who will preserve owners’ rights. 

Action taken: 

As stated above, we met with two of the three candidates:

A big thank you to James (Jim) Klynman who did a great job answering our questions. His background did qualify him to be on the AAC board. His answers were straight forward and we were impressed with his work history, Military Service, honesty, and desire to volunteer on this board. Jim had great ideas on how to keep his constituents connected and provide them a voice in each decision he is asked to vote on. 

Also, a big thank you to Donna Kempa who provided answers that illustrated her familiarity with the political loopholes required to get things done in The Villages. Her background includes work within The Villages, including the POA and Board of Supervisors. Donna equally impressed us with her work history and sense of propriety. 

We feel either would represent us (the owners) – and work for our best interest. 

One item that stood out for us to ultimately support Donna is her current working knowledge of The Villages local Government, i.e. she can “hit the ground running”.

We realize the job is Volunteer; there is no pay for countless hours. We appreciate the time each of the candidates gave us, and whoever is elected, we hope they will work closely with property owners and move us a step forward toward our future goal of being in better hands.

Chris Briggi  &  V2PW Team


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