Action Plan

  1. Entire Villages: Leverage the strength of the entire Villages, including Brownwood and Fenney. Ensure that buyers know the past and present Developer’s action that decrease the recreational facilities, such as Golf Course Country Clubs in the older Villages, to make an informed purchase.

  2. Legal and Governing Actions: Monitor applicable city, county, etc. for relationship, responsibility, and roles.

    1. N or 466 residents needs to ensure the next AAC members can stand against the 3rd Gen developers and represent the people. The goal is for the developer to work with Villagers if changes need made to existing or promised Lifestyle brand. Do not have team representation below 466 to following impacts.

    2. Property Owners Association (POA): Know and understand that the POA is the only body within TV that represents Village residents/owners. Encourage membership.

    3. County: Need to be continuously plugged into the County relative to Villages. Hopefully, we get new Commissioners who will ensure we are informed.

  3. Organization: Organized in a work breakdown work package structure that divides the work into teams.

  4. Support & Logistics: Tech support, signage, handouts, golf carts, researchers.

  5. Historical: Obtain documented Broken Promises stories from Villages that illustrate the trend.

  6. Publicity & Marketing: Feed information to local news, Orlando, and other FL news sources. More buyers come from FL every month than any other state.

  7. Peaceful Respectful Protest: Must be PEACEFUL & NON-CONFRONTATIONAL! One bad video could ruin our work!


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