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Weds, Feb 17th, 6:00 pm

Lady Lake Special Commission Meeting

Town Hall Commission Chambers, 409 Fennell Blvd., Lady Lake

Ordinance 2020-08 (First Reading) — An Ordinance of the Town Commission of Lady Lake, Florida, Adopting the Eleventh Amendment to The Amended Development Order for the Tri-County Villages Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Lake County

Ordinance 2020-09 (First Reading) — Tabled from Nov. 2, 2020 & Jan. 20, 2021 — An Ordinance of the Town of Lady Lake Requesting Amendment of the Planned Commercial “CP” Zoning Classification for Certain Property Owned by the Villages Operating Company; Located in the Vicinity of Main Street, Alvarez Avenue, and Del Mar Drive in Lady Lake, Florida; Providing for a Second Supplemental Agreement to the Regulations of The Village Downtown Center

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Events Charter Document

Mission Statement: Provide Proactive Planned Events that present a focused message to a target audience.
Identify Message: Each Event will require a specific clear repeatable message. All attendees will need to know and be able to repeat the message. This message will have been “approved” prior to Event Planning by the V2PW board.
Identify Event Type: Current types include - Golf Cart Rallies - Meeting Attendance - Promotional Events. It is possible to have Promotional Events and Rallies at the same time/location.
Event Timing: Any Event must have specific data including, Date, Time, Duration, Location, and Route if applicable. All planned events must be communicated one week in advance. Exceptions to this will be allowed as approved by Events Coordinator.
Event Leadership: All events will require a named leader for the event. This person can have a team to help coordinate and communicate but one person has the ownership/responsibility.
Event Team: As directed by the Event Leader - team to include PAO representative, photographer, handout coordinator, head counter, members at large. To be named before or at event.
Event Location: All due diligence will be performed to verify compliance with any local, state, & federal laws as applicable.
Signage: As approved in the Message, signage will be created that is in line with the message. No negative or derogatory messages will be permitted. It is up to the Event Leader to police the signage. Preprinted signs with the V2PW information (ie mission statement, website, group names, etc) will be used in addition to the Event Message.
Handouts: Each Event should have a handout available to communicate and pass along the Event Message. This handout will also be used for all attendees for reference to the event message. Handouts will include V2PW contact info (website, group name, email, etc.)
Conduct during Events: All participants of The Event will conduct themselves in the most professional manner possible. No shouting, negative statements, negative gestures or confrontational behavior will be tolerated. Event participants will be informed of the rules of conduct at the start of the Event. Event Leader or any Participant must self police the group.
Non-Political: There will be no political signage or messages during Events.

  1. Communication via social media platforms 1 week out. Who/What/Where/When/Why

  2. Signage - either ask for specific sign language for folks to make up or have preprinted signs for event attendees to use.

  3. Printed handouts ready


  1. Verbal Feedback Documented by Event Leader and Event Team

  2. Event Team level Full Circle Learning

  3. What Worked well (Event, Team, Logistics, Location, communication, etc)

  4. What didn’t work well

  5. Provide feedback to Board

  6. PAO Representative to publish as appropriate results of Event


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