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Events including Peaceful Protests
Now, this one is fun, right? If you enjoy organizing EVENTS this is your team. You’ll scout out Villages events that offer an opportunity to publicize VPPW. Includes researching if there are any restrictions. Coordinate with Public Affairs if note worthy. Ensure participants understand VPPW goals and can explain goals.

Peaceful Protests: If you’re an extrovert well this is your team. Imagine getting a group of participants with carts with signs maybe matching Tshirts with info cards and all going to lunch/dinner outside at the squares while sharing about our project. Follow the publicized events to share our message. Want to organize and facilitate our Peaceful Protest, like cart rallies, squares with signs, having a presence at Villages events parking at media presence, then this is your gig. I’m looking for a Lead to work with a few folks or larger team who can establish a list of Peaceful Protest events, research any restrictions/requirements, prepare the ad for the event and coordinate with the other teams as required. This team must ensure that the signage aligns to our goal and that participants can articulate our goals.

Looking for professional writer skills to write and assist folks writing Letters to Editors, Articles, etc.. Also proof reading others writing. Help us sound professional! I’m looking for a Lead for this effort. Can be just a couple of folks or larger team is preferred. Thanx




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