HHCC Resident Input

Phase II: Hacienda Hills Country Club (HHCC) Site Plan Collaboration


Please complete the form below to share your concerns/input/ideas for the redevelopment of the HHCC site with us.   For your convenience, we have listed all of the concerns/recommendations that we have heard from people so far but we have also included some blank rows so that you can add any additional ones.  Please mark your top 5 – you do not need to rank order them.

We did not get the outcome we wanted at the Oct 27, Sumter Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting; however, the Developer’s (TV Dev) representatives did show at that meeting that they had listened to our concerns as they attempted to address them in their 2 hour presentation.  They also stated several times that they wanted resident input on the Hacienda Hills Country Club (HHCC) site. 

V2PW sees TV Dev’s invitation for site-plan input as an opportunity to re-establish a broken connection between residents and TV leadership. Perhaps it will begin to rebuild the trust which is paramount to the Villages Lifestyle.  Therefore, we will, for now, give the Developer the benefit of the doubt that they are sincere in their willingness to collaborate with affected residents and proceed with cautious optimism.

We are mindful that we only have 30 days to appeal the BOCC ruling, and so we want to engage with TV Dev as soon as possible, in case time is needed for a next step.  Therefore, we want to collect and integrate resident input as quickly as possible to ensure that we meet TV Dev more than halfway with an efficient and effective process. 

We will use your input to create a chart that lists all of the concerns/recommendations along with the number of people who endorsed them, as well as our collective mitigation thoughts.  We will use a site plan sketch like the one used during the BOCC meeting to illustrate major inputs/concerns/mitigations.  

Once we have our Site Plan Collaboration package assembled, we will post it to the website and send out an email for your review and comments.

Finally, we will provide this package to the TV Dev for their response and keep you up to date with their response.

Thank you for your continued support.

Patsy Oburn & V2PW Team


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