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Ruth Kussard (Ward One),
Tony Holden (Ward Two),
Dan Vincent (Ward Three),
Paul Hannan (Ward Four),
Mayor Jim Richards (Ward Five),


Dear Mr. Richards and fellow Commissioners:

As a resident of The Villages, I am writing with sincere concern regarding the land use changes in zoning Ordinances 2020-08 and 2020-09, requested by The Villages Developer which is before you this October 5, 2020.

Spanish Springs Town Square is used daily for shopping, breakfast and lunch, exercise, and meetings by both Village residents and non-residents. Higher volume usage occurs during the evening with the nightly entertainment including dancing, dinner, group gatherings, shopping, vendor nights, shows at the Sharon, movie theatre goers, and the continuous special events; such as: vintage car drive-ins, celebrations, and parades. Often completely closing the square to no traffic or on street parking.  The continuous resort atmosphere is enjoyed by both Villagers and non-Villagers and the Town of Lady Lake benefits greatly with manageable growth. As with many resort areas, there is a “season” that almost doubles the participation and occupancy at Spanish Springs Town Square and the associated parking lots, roads, police, EMS services, and an overflowing hospital unable to handle the current area capacity.

The Town of Lady Lake residents enjoy much of the resort offerings from the Villages and the Town of Lady Lake benefits with a thriving economy both residential and commercial. And must be commended for managing the growth yet retaining the small-town charm that most people move to this specific area for.  The small-town also provides security of self and possession by not inviting unnecessary crime elements in.

The parking is frequently impossible now, due to both cars and golf carts vying for the same parking places.  To add residents “living” here, and requiring parking as part of their “residence”, would make it impossible to have adequate parking and could negatively impact restaurants and merchants success. Employee parking is maintained away from the buildings allowing the visitors the parking spaces to come and go while they support the commerce.  Apartment parking is exactly the reverse as the tenants will target and consume the street and close parking for perhaps days on end and force the visitors to park away from the area and walk.  Over time, the visitors will relocate where there is less hassle to an otherwise enjoyable visit to Spanish Spring Town Square.

Proposing such drastic changes to our safety and security, and the business structure of Spanish Springs, will only increase the local Economic Crisis caused by the COVID –19 Pandemic!  This is not only disturbing, but scandalous!  Your approval of the amendments will demonstrate your lack of commitment to the Town of Lady Lake and the many residents who paid for and continue to pay through taxes and commerce, for the small-town you promised which brought most of us to live here.

You are charged with recommending Zoning Changes to improve the livability of Lady Lake.  I do not believe it to be advisable to approve such changes currently!   This Board can ensure the safety of the residents of Lady Lake and compatibility of the existing developments. To allow multi-family use is not compatible with the existing infrastructure”.

I respectfully request that you deny this Change of Use Zoning request!

Deny Ordinances 2020-08 and 2020-09

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End date: Oct 05, 2020

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