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Al Butler  (Dist 1 Commissioner, Second Vice Chairman)
Doug Gilpin  (Dist 2 Commissioner),
Don Burgess  (Dist 3 Commissioner),
Garry Breeden  (Vice Chairman,  Dist 4 Commissioner),
Steve Printz  (Dist 5 Commissioner,  Chairman),
Karl Holley  (AICP, Development Services Director),

Re:  DRI2020-0001, DRI2020-0002 and MISC2020-0006

Dear Chairman Printz and Commissioners:

As a property owner/resident of The Villages, I am writing to you with my concerns regarding the captioned amendments submitted by The Villages Developer for the 2nd reading on October 27, 2020, and as a collective body of Villages NEIGHBORS.

We, collectively as neighbors, have communicated our concerns to you via emails and during the previous meetings, and are continuously told that you are not interested in our emotional or lifestyle concerns.  Therefore, we will address the changes as you’ve directed, with a legal framework.  

The proposed changes are significant, and will result in substantial impact to the surrounding residences.  Changes of such magnitude must be treated as a major modification to the Planned Development according to Florida Statutes and your very own Sumter County Code.  All required documents have not been provided and actions have not been taken to comply with Florida Statute 380.06 (7), and Sumter County Code, including Section 13-321 C and 13-313.  I further contend that you have not met the four review criteria required by Section 13-313.

Further, without the adherence of aforementioned code, how do we, and more importantly, you, assess the true impact of the requested changes, and possibly mitigate any negative impact?  In other words, when you are deciding on the impact this density project will have, according to Florida Statute 380.01(7) you should provide for mitigation at time of decision. Without the appropriate actions and analysis, how are you in possession of the necessary knowledge to be able to comply?  Additional due diligence is required.

I am aware that you have been notified of the failure of the Developer to maintain recreational facilities, in perpetuity, on the Hacienda Hills parcel, known as Tract J.  They made this commitment in Unit 9 covenants, where residents border the Hacienda Hills parcel.  I refer you to Sumter County Code, Section 13-363(a)(2).  Tract J was the only recreational facility in the area for fulfillment of the covenants, and I contend that the Developer is not in compliance with the covenants and should not receive a change of use or zoning for Tract J.  I believe that the demolishment of the HHCC is a violation of the provided covenants for Unit 9.

Another item before you is a request to extend a build-out date that expired December 31, 2018.  The HHCC parcel had been previously completed but then the buildings and recreational facilities were demolished.  The Developer is proposing new development so any extension of the build-out date is moot.

Additional reports have been, and will be, provided to further defend my stance that a change of use to multi-family will have substantial negative impact, both to safety and property values.

I feel confident that a legitimate and legal basis exists for denial or certainly, at the very least, a continuance to enable additional required analysis and reports.  Because County and State code requirements have not been met, any decision to approve the Developer request would be done outside the scope of your board’s authority and a failure to perform in accordance with State and County statutes and code.  To knowingly proceed to approve the Developer requests despite the information that has been provided to you, would place your decision outside the purview provided by State and County statutes and code.  

Given the above information, and other documents and statements that have and will be provided, I request that you deny the Developer applications.

Thank you for your time.

Sumter Commission 2nd Email

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