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Al Butler  (Dist 1 Commissioner, Second Vice Chairman)
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Steve Printz  (Dist 5 Commissioner,  Chairman),
Karl Holley  (AICP, Development Services Director),

Re: DRI 2020-0001, DRI 2020-0002 and MISC2020-0006

Dear Chairman Printz and Commissioners:

As a property owner/resident of The Villages, I am writing to you about the concerns I have in connection with the Applicant’s request to a change of use.

The addition of apartments, no matter what the location, will have an adverse affect on many areas is the Villages. Police, Fire, EMS, traffic and parking.

It was said by attorney for the Applicant, Jo Thacker, and Special Master Brooke agreed, that the resident’s concerns about the change of use was not substantiated by competent evidence. Am I to assume from that statement that it now falls to the residents to hire an attorney, a traffic engineer, etc. to prove our case? That is a hardship that myself and the residents in general should not have to bare, and is in addition to my first example of the negative impact this change of use request will cause.

Also, even if I could afford to hire all these different professionals, I would argue that the residents have not been given the time to do so, the residents were only advised of this less than a month ago.

Your Board is charged with reviewing the requested Change of Use. I ask that you take into consideration the compatibility this Change of Use will make to the existing developments and infrastructure and if this Change of use adheres to all (and not just some) objectives of The Sumter County Comprehensive Plan.

Based upon all of the above, I respectfully request that you deny this application.

Thank you for your time.

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