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Karl Holley  (AICP, Development Services Director),  and 

Zachary Broome (Planning & Zoning Special Master)

Dear Mr. Broome and Mr. Holley,

As a resident of The Villages, I am writing with sincere concern regarding the land use changes in zoning requested by The Villages Developer which is before you this September 21, 2020; Cases # DRI2020-0001, DRI2020-0002, MISC2020-0006.   The current “Lifestyle” as marketed by The Villages advertisement will be negatively impacted by the building of multi-level Apartment Buildings inside our gates.

Our current “single family housing” will be hampered by the influx of large groups of people residing in such Apartments; the influx of traffic will result in an increase in accidents, both with cars and golf carts; the increased usage of our precious water and sewage resources will greatly increase the affordability of living in “Florida’s Friendliest Home Town”!

For The Villages Developer to be proposing such increased usage of already seriously threatened diminishing  resources is most concerning.   But, to be proposing such changes during an Economic Crisis caused by the COVID –19 Pandemic is not only disturbing, but scandalous!  It shows no regard for the safety, security, and livelihood of the Residents of The Villages!

You are charged with recommending Zoning Changes to improve the livability of the communities within Sumter County; it would not appear to be advisable to approve such changes at this time!

As a property owner in Sumter County, I respectfully request that you deny this Change of Use Zoning request!

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