Update on the Sumter County Planning & Zoning Special Master Meeting

The meeting last night was a GREAT meeting on several levels.

First, the public participation, awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the issues was incredible.

Second, and best of all, this is now part of the RECORD of quasi-judicial process.

Third the outcome, while disappointing, frustrating, and totally Developer biased, again, is on the RECORD and sends a loud, powerful, clear and consistent message; that we are engaged and watching you and are not afraid to challenge you.

The outcome was what we truly expected, especially from Sumter County.

We are certainly not done and must continue to press forward as though we haven’t experienced any negative stumbles. Often multiple steps in legal processes serve the intended purpose to deflate and wear you down, physically and emotionally. So, we CAN’T allow this to happen.

So, when someone asked you how the meeting went, you say “GREAT, they now know we are watching“. And if they ask “didn’t they vote to approve?”, you can truthfully respond, “yes, as expected. It ain’t over yet”.

V2PW will begin refreshed today with preparation for the next meetings with the same energy and positive attitude as every other day of this quest.

We THANK YOU very much. You made the difference last night! And we need this same commitment at the upcoming meetings. The next two meetings for both counties are the actual Commissioner meetings.

Remember; we cannot afford to focus on a perceived loss or project failure to the next event. Do not feed a negative self-fulling prophecy. Opposition depends on this!

We must remain resilient while expanding our resources with tempered resolve. We are engaged in more than a battle or war, we are engaged in a CAMPAIGN.

A campaign that notifies the 3rd Gen Dev that we are “watching, listening, learning and engaged”. A campaign that increases residents’/owners’ awareness and knowledge of the place we call home and are heavily invested both emotionally and financially. A campaign that should produce the next residents’/owners’ candidates for the many elected positions required to retain, maintain, and sustain our beloved Villages Lifestyle.

Out of this fire we should gain knowledgeable tempered willing candidates who understand the need for owner participation and accept the challenge.

See you Friday!
Thanx, Patsy

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Lady Lake Planning & Zoning Meeting Summary



Tonight was only Recommendations. Still risk the Lake County Commissioners could vote differently.

Great 1st meeting of Lake County Planning and Zoning.  Apartments were not supported in any of the ordinances. It was a full house inside and outside. Now folks need to write to the Lake County Commissioners to uphold the recommendation.

The next 2 meetings are also very important.

Tonight’s meeting was the recommendations from planning and zoning. It has to go to Lake County Commissioners who have to vote. The Dev will have a 2nd chance to make their case and they will know what to dispute.

Gotta keep the pressure on. Write emails to the Lake County Commissioners and be sure to attend the next meetings.

And please attend the Sumter County meeting Monday night and support.

We must prepare for Monday Sep 21 st Sumter County planning and zoning. Stay tuned.

Subscribe on our Subscribe page.  Join for solidarity of support. Plus you get emails with reminders and info.

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Rally Summary for Friday Sep 4th, 10 AM

Next Rally Thursday Sep 10th 10 am, this is a change

Thanks to all who attended our Grass Roots Rally yesterday, Saturday Sep 4 at the Hacienda Hills Country Club (HHCC) postal station.  We enjoyed seeing many new faces who hopefully either are or will become Villages Promise Preservation Watch (V2PW) supporters.

We did not have anyone from south of 466 yet; however, we hope expand awareness of our group with the additional help we are receiving.  A not-to-distant EVENT is to visit Brownwood and Fenney to Meet-and-Greet and market our efforts.  We want to include all of the Villages in our efforts.  Please pass this along to your friends!

Our really BIG NEWS of this week’s success is the deployment of our website Villages Promises Preservation Watch (V2PW)  and our Facebook page, same name. To support our efforts, we need you to JOIN the Group on the web page.  Please take the time to JOIN and support us.  We are free and working extremely hard to Preserve our LIFESTYLE!

Our research on governance continues.  We mentioned the orange signs posted throughout Spanish Springs for Development of Reginal Impact (DRI) Amendment and Rezoning. The DRI process, established in 1973 ensures that visible notification is given when a zoning change is requested. In this case the Villages Operating Company is requesting a change to the existing Planned Commercial (CP) status.  While we do not know the contents of the requested zoning in Amendment of the Planned Commercial Uses via Second Supplemental Agreement, we do not know what is request.  We can assume this may be related to the publicized desire by The Villages (TV) 3rd Generation Developers (Gen Dev) to install apartments where Katie Bells was.  WE INVITE A TV RESIDENT FROM LAKE COUNTY TO JOIN OUR EFFORTS and pursue Lake County as we are Sumter.  And timing of critical, as it only takes 3 meetings for the proposal to be approved and the first meeting is Monday Sep 14, 2020 at 530 pm.  We can greatly assist TV Lake County residence in the process to get involved. Please contact us to volunteer. We can’t answer any additional questions regarding Lake County but will add a Lake County TV resident to our Team and advise as we take parallel paths.

Through some Q & A discussion we brainstormed the required ingredients to successful problem solving and negotiations and pinpointed that; you must ensure you are talking to the decision maker who has the authority to fix your problem or conduct binding negotiations.  This is important to realize as we pursue our goals.  Expending time and energy lobbying the wrong group or person, simply will not yield success and typically frustrates the claimant. We want to be results driven not activity centered to ensure that our invested time, effort, and energy CAN yield success.

Amenity Authority Committee (AAC) was discussed and we recommend another full house meeting. We have a prepared message. PACK THE HOUSE. PACK THE HOUSE.

We shared the importance of the Property Owners Association (POA) within TV and suggest TV residents join. Will be the best $10.00 annual investment you make.  POA has a long track record of working “for” residents to protect our invested Lifestyle.  The POA is supporting this effort.  Be sure to read the current bulletin AND JOIN!!!!!

Then we had a few moments of unintended humor as I wanted to introduce two items which have a connection and bumbled.  I began my introduction of Chris Briggi who many know as the creator and lead of the Preserve Hacienda Hill Nextdoor and Facebook campaign, and before I continued I said, “well I might as well address the elephant in the room” to which Chris with good humor replied, “so I’m the elephant”… Well there simply isn’t a good recovery.  So, without a graceful recovery, I did address my intended elephant being TVs expressed intentions to expand apartments across TV and the fact that our group V2PW isn’t fighting to prevent TV apartment expansion; but rather, to focus on any and all TV actions that remove the clearly Marketed Lifestyle that we buy and buy into when we pay the purchase premiums for our homes.  We realize that TV must remain relevant to the next generation of retires and the needs of our older neighbors who would love the freedom and safety that apartment living can provide them.  Chris was graceful; however, I suspect I will never live this down… Hopefully, we can all have some fun and shared humor along this otherwise challenging path.

EVENTS: I introduced Chris and he explained his decision to join the V2PW team and transition the Preserve Hacienda Hill campaign.  Chris will lead our Events efforts which he has demonstrated passion and energy to do.  We all agree that our unified efforts will exponentially benefit the short term and long-term goals of the otherwise parallel groups.  Welcome Chris and Thank You.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Social Distance and Mask required.

  • AAC Meeting, Sep 9, 9 AM Savannah Center – pack the house. We will also have some marketing involved.
  • Info Display, Sunday Sep 13, 630 PM Hacienda South. We will have an Information Display concurrently with Hacienda South Craft Fair, come one, come all. Thank you, Hacienda South, for the invite!

We shared our Elevator Speech which is sooooo important as we share why this is important, who we are, and how to get involved or at least informed.  We will be more effective if we have the same message.  If we all sound different, then it’s just noise and easily ignored.   Youtube elevator speech explanation


WHY SHOULD YOU CARE… Our Elevator Speech
If you live in The Villages (TV) or are looking to purchase here, then you realize you invested in, or are considering investing in, an amazing Lifestyle. You also realize that retirement can be financially scary regarding investments that do not yield what you expected. When you decide to invest in TV you invest financially and emotionally in a home and an almost unbelievable Marketed Lifestyle. 

It is impossible to visit TV without realizing why TV is an extraordinarily successful Lifestyle community. From TV marketing materials sent upon request, the Lifestyle Preview visits, the elaborate sales offices, the trolly and boat tours, TV daily newspaper and radio, and last but not least the continuously streaming music in the town squares, you know you are buying a Lifestyle.

You can find a lot of information inside and outside TV about purchasing and living here; however, so far what you probably haven’t found is what happens when TV takes back the promised features that affect your lifestyle and just as important, your property values.

A trend of eliminating lifestyle features is escalating within TV by the 3rd Generation Developers, and you should at least be aware and know enough to ask TV the right questions. And, if you already live here, join our efforts to influence the 3rd Generation Developers to “keep their promises” by joining Villages Promise Preservation Watch (V2PW). Please visit our Website and subscribe for updates and to support our efforts and our Facebook page. If you are looking to purchase in TV, take this BUYERS CHECKLIST with you.


We stressed the importance of locating and understanding your deed and restrictions and that you must insure when you look for this, if on-line, that you use your exact location, as the deeds and restrictions vary throughout TV.  Find your deed restriction here

Our Historical Lead is seeking marketing information to review, so if you have some, please contact her via the website or on FB and let her know.

WANTED if you have experienced a Broken Promise or know someone who has, please visit our website and submit your story.  This isn’t to be a random complaint story but truly where you had a Marketed Lifestyle Promise and TV reneged and Broke the Promise.

We are now ready to get our message out and thankfully Joann Flood volunteer to Lead our Public Affairs efforts.  Now that we have a solid organizational structure, communication venues, and our message established we can move out.

WE NEED YOUR HELP: We still need Marketing, Logistics & Support, and Communication Leaders.  No background or training required. Ability to work as a Team and think Outside-the-box, fast paced, exhausting, and fulfilling.  Fun will come at some time.  Please step up.

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Prior to Fri, Aug 28 Gathering

We were busy and successful this week with information exploration and Team Recruiting. We had a major stakeholder gathering, POA, AAC member, future County, and our developing team. We learned a lot and had a lot to consider if we would continue or not. The team had a second meeting to discuss the information and decided that at this moment, based on what we know, we will continue to move forward. We will address some of this tomorrow Friday’s gathering at the postal station. 1. We’ve decided to no longer refer to the developer, but rather the 3rd Generation and or by their names Jennifer Louise Morse Boone, Tracy Lee Morse Mathews, and Mark Gary Morse. 2. We have been and continue to communicate with an Atty for possible actions, relative to HHCC, but nothing actionable yet. This action has been going on before this group was formed. We have not made this a focus as to date we haven’t received positive potential for action from the Atty. However, we keep learning more and more and this helps broaden potential actions. We can not discuss this, however. But wanted you to know it on-going. 3. IMPORTANT: We still need energetic teammates to help. a. We need a group of researchers who can research a topic and then report it to the team and then create documentation. b. We need a group of journalism researchers who can establish a rapport with a designated journalist throughout this project. 4. We do and will need funds for some of our efforts, web site, signs, etc. We are not sure how to do this. The two methods that come to mind are donations and/or GofundMe. If you have experience with this, please share. We could use someone to be a simple bookkeeper with this money. For now, a few of us on the team are putting up some $. 5. After a discussion with Chris and our team, we decided that the two Nextdoor Groups need to have clear separation due to confusion and distraction from our different strategies. You are certainly welcome to participate in both. Thank you everyone who made this week successful progress. Patsy

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Weekly Meet & Greet – Friday Aug 21st

I thought we had a good turnout with the short notice. Some good discussions. And big THANX to Barb DiLaura who accepted the Historian Chunk… She will be collecting testimonials on the past Villages and what was marketed to them, hopefully with copies of brochures, videos, etc., of what residents enjoyed, what they lost, when and why. The promises/amenities history is critical to illustrating how easily it is for something to disappear from our chosen and purchased lifestyles. And as the residents change the next generation didnt even know what was lost, who fought for it, and the final outcome. The flip side of the coin is the folks who bought worth promised amenities that havent materialized and may not. We want to get this information front and center, to share with the press. But we want to have a full picture before we go to press. Successfully completed.

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